Multi-Level Pressure Cooking with Fissler

Brown the meat

To begin with, the meat is browned in the Fissler Vitavit or Vitqquick pressure cooker at a high temperature, to make sure that it will stay nice and juicy. Then some broth or another liquid is added, as well as herbs or seasonings as desired.

Side dishes

The side dishes, such as vegetables, are trimmed and cut into pieces of even size – and are then placed in the special perforated inset. The tripod that belongs to it is placed on the bottom of the Fissler pressure cooker, with the inset on top of it.

Close the Lid

Now the lid is placed on the pressure cooker. The positioning aid, as well as an acoustical and an optical signal, make this very easy. When you hear a “click” and see “green” in the little window in the handle, the cooker is correctly closed. Then the control valve is turned to the desired cooking setting. A color-coded indicator and the traffic light system will guide you safely through the cooking process.


When the cooking time has been completed, the Fissler pressure cooker must be depressurized before it can be opened. The vitavit® premium can be easily depressurized by using the control valve – or, as in the picture, with the release button.

Remove inset

Once the pressure cooker has been opened, the pressure cooker inset is lifted out of it. Since the handle is curved slightly inwards in the middle, this can easily be done with a tablespoon. Since the handle can only go to one side, there is no danger of its moving while the inset is being lifted. Then the tripod is taken out of the pot, after which the meat is also removed.

Arrange & Enjoy

Now everything is arranged on a pre-warmed dish and – bon appétit!