Pressure Cooking - A real Time Saver

Cook healthier and more efficient

All Fissler pressure cookers have an indicator rod that shows the cooking setting.

The gentle setting (1st ring) is for delicate foods such as fine vegetables and fish. It is very gentle to vitamins and other nutrients. The speed setting (2nd ring) is for foods which must cook longer, such as meats, soups or stews. It saves a considerable amount of time and energy. A stew, for example, will be finished in 15 rather than 50 minutes.

The display below shows how much more quickly you can cook certain meals in a pressure cooker compared to a normal pot or pan.

Cooking times for the pressure cooker may differ depending on size and weight of food. Always refer to the manual or recipe for exact cooking times. Please note that the cooking times start from the time when the valve has reached the desired cooking setting (ring I or II).